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musical theatre to die for...

Apparently they are making 'Heathers' into a musical...



Free shit update

la la la.... think I've won a wii.... good old invitrogen.


today does not feel like a friday - I must concentrate hard or i may end up being in work after 4.

wooo hoooo

I think my staining worked ;)

I am pleased.


Grandma's Christmas Quiz

happy christmas everyone...

in case any of you are not drunk yet - have a look at the last few remaining questions from the Dore and Totley Church Christmas Quiz....

All answers consist of or contain an occupation (cryptic ish.. anagrams?)
e.g. He takes the money and faces the music (9) = CONDUCTOR

12. Polite hireling (5,7)
18. Mass murderer (6,7) Harold Shipman fits... bit odd though ;)
27. Sounds bigger (6)
33. Is he going to slay Coe for the ladies? (13)
36. Fats Waller's very good friend (7)
40. Urban? (8)
41. Fight promoter (5,8)
42. Bright and breezy, free and easy, he's the ladies pride and joy (6)
47. She had romantic adventures (8)
50. Does the paper work (9)
53. Giles or Leonardo (10)
61. His lot is not a happy one (9)
68. Have you seen him? (6-3)
70. He likes his supper (9)
72. He's OK (10)
73. Does he work alone? (6)
75. Brink and West produced this one (10)
76. It's rot; she is happy about her job (15)
78. He can fire in a different way (9)
84. This pretty one is selling poppies from a tray (5)
88. Does he spend time in his den? (6)
94. He shouted "Chestnut!" (10)
99. With hi, a son can be found (5)
100. Use a mineral to sort this out (4,5)


Have fun, and have a great christmas. Em x


Free shit update

today I got more free shit for being a scientist...

1. ickle bench top darts game
2. snowman stress ball squishy thing
3. lab timer.

thank you Sigma.

however, still waiting for mug and lava lamp.


Virgin Trains

This is absolutely hilarious, and totally genuine...

reply from virgin trains ticket salesCollapse )

my original questionCollapse )

Bite Me

Does any one happen to know whether there are many midges around in april?

EDIT: In Bath. In particular, near to the river