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went to lunch at Zero degrees coz James 'Hoppit' Leggit is leaving our office.... Had mango beer and a caramelized pear, walnut and gorgonzola pizza. Nice.

Jun. 5th, 2007

It has been pointed out that the new olympic logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving head. At first I thought it looked like a botched representation of europe... any advance....


Hiya....As you may know I am moving house at end of June.... Theres no way of putting this nicely -

anyone available saturday 23rd June to help moving a piano?

beer etc after.

apparently we now know the best way to do this so it may not be as bad as last time.


splish splash

water fight

... if any one's interested



this morning I saw a little birdy having a bath in the rain water collected in the plant-growy-thingy, which was nice. I think it was a robin although it did seem a little large for a robin, i thought i saw a glimpse of red.

In othe news science may be broken again, sorry for the interruption, however I am going to plod on as usual.

Tom and Jerry...

last night we sort of started watching Panic room... 0r is it Home Alone for grown ups? Got to chuckle along with jodie 'Sean' foshter though.